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What We Can Do For You

Our goal is to be there for the families. New Hampshire families interested in accessing these services need to fill out an application for family services (for children birth to age 19). We are here to help in the following ways:

  • Emotional support.
  • Telephone partners to communicate with families whose child is undergoing treatment.
  • Information on your child's care and treatment, i.e.: our website, links to other related internet sites, library (books, articles, research).
  • Family Welcome Packet
  • Emergency Fund - This program can pay one bill one time for New Hampshire families during a time of need. Click HERE for more information

"I was naive when it came to cancer ... CCL ...gave me some inclination of what was to come but also gave me tips on dealing with it all... the support of CCL is very much needed and very much appreciated"

~Matty’s Mom

  • Family Assistance Programs, while the child is receiving treatment, which include:
    • Grocery certificates
    • Meal vouchers for hospital stays
    • Prepaid telephone cards

"The Lifeline is like one BIG family that understands what it's really like to belong to this "Special Club" ... We can cry together, laugh together and educate one another ... it's just about someone else having already walked this road and being there to guide us along on this uncertain trip that we are on."

~Robbie’s Mom

  • The Quality of Life Assurance Program - Designed to assist young survivors in New Hampshire in reaching their educational and employment goals. Click HERE for more information.


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