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Cancer treatment can be isolating for the children with cancer so we came up with a solution…

links! is a program of the Childhood Cancer Lifeline that gives laptop packages to recently diagnosed school-aged children so they can stay connected to school, family and friends.

The packages:
We wrap them up like a present and hand deliver them to the children that need them.

Each package includes a new laptop, a bag to carry it in, a wireless mouse, age appropriate software, a one year Norton Anti-virus software subscription, and a two year warranty complete with a one-time screen replacement.

The successes:
We know this program is everything we wanted it to be, and more, because we continue to receive letters of gratitude from parents, patients and the social workers that work with children.

“Lifeline, this laptop hasn't just improved my life, it changed my whole world!"
Laptop Package Recipient, age 12

“I love my new laptop. It is so light. I miss a lot of school so I can now Skype to class from anywhere – even clinic.”
Laptop Package Recipient, age 6

“I am greatly thankful for the generous gift of a laptop. In the short time I've had it, it's helped me keep up with school after missing many days due to treatment and I can't say how great the Skyping capabilities are with the web cam!! “
Laptop Package Recipient, age 16

“The benefits of Childhood Cancer Lifeline’s Links! program cannot be overstated. Treatment protocols for pediatric cancers are typically long and intense. Many of our patients remain on treatment for two years or more and endure hospital admissions that last weeks or months. Long hospital stays can be both isolating and boring; the laptops provided to our patients by Links! help them occupy their time and keep them connected with family and friends. This program has truly been a godsend to our patients and their families.”
Pediatric Resource Program Manager

Additionally each spring the links! program awards each young adult who is a survivor of childhood cancer a new laptop upon graduation from high school. The laptop is a vital tool in furthering their education and fostering independence.

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